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Laws of the Game
Objectives of the Game
The game is provided for leisure, team play, friendship and healthy competition. Fair play is the essence of sand soccer.

The Competition Area, the Goals, and the Ball
  1. Dimensions of the courts: Two sizes will be in use - 25x35 yard courts for most divisions and 30x40 yards for certain adult divisions. Perimeters will be marked with roping affixed to the sand. Substitutes, team delegates, and other spectators shall remain at least six (6) feet from the touchlines.
  2. Penalty Box: A Penalty Box will be delineated by colored discs in the sand at each end of the court 8 yards out (9 yards on 30X40 courts) from, and paralleling, the baselines. The exact position of a penalty kick shall be from the center of these imaginary lines.
  3. Corners and Center of the Court: Corners will be marked with a standard corner flag. A 1-yard quadrant forms the corner area. A cone or flag will be placed on each touch line at midfield.
  4. Goals: 6' high by 12' wide for (U8-U9)  and 7.2' high by 18' wide for all other age groups. Goals are aluminum construction and anchored to the sand at the baselines.
  5. Ball: Twelve & younger divisions use a size 4; thirteen & older divisions a size 5; inflation pressure is 7 lbs. The referee shall stop the match and the clock, and replace any ball showing signs of deformity. Dropping the replacement ball at the center of the court restarts the match.
  6. Team Formation: The game is played by two teams of (5) five players on each team. One of the players on the court for each team shall be the goalkeeper. Both teams must have a minimum of three players on the field to start the match. For teams in the Coed division, a minimum of three (3) female players shall be included on each coed team roster, two (2) of which shall be on the field at all times during the match.  If no female is available due to injury, the team must play down a player.
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» LOTG Circular No. 1144
» LOTG Circular No. 1366
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